PM's National Council on Skill Development

The Prime Minister's National Council on Skill Development was  constituted on 1st July 2008 in pursuance of the decision of the Cabinet at its meeting held on 15th May 2008 on "Coordinated Action for Skill Development and setting up of the National Skill Development Corporation."

The composition of the National Council on Skill Development is as follows:- 

1) Prime Minister  -  Chairperson
2) Minister of Human Resource Development  -  Member    

3) Finance Minister   -    Member

4) Minister of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises  -    Member

5) Minister of Rural Development   -    Member

6) Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation  -    Member

7) Minister of Labour and Employment   -   Member

8) Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission  -   Member

9) Chairperson, National Manufacturing   -    Member Competitiveness Council

10) Chairperson of the National Skill Development   -   Member Corporation

11) Mr. S Ramadorai   -  Experts in the area of Skill Development

12) Mr. Nandan Nilekani   - do -

13) Mr. Manish Sabharwal  - do -

14) Smt LailaTayabji    - do -

15) Smt. Renana Jhabwala   - do -

16) Shri Rajendra Pawar   - do -

17) Principal Secretary to PM - Member Secretary 

The Committee is serviced by the Prime Minister’s Office, which may obtain assistance as required from any Ministry/Department/Agency government.


The Council is at the apex of a three-tier structure and would be concerned with vision setting and laying down core strategies. The Council would be assisted by the National Skill Development Coordination Board chaired by the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission which will  coordinate action for skill development both in the public and the private sector.

To promote private sector action for skill development, an institutional arrangement in the form of a non-profit corporation called the National Skill Development Corporation is being set up by the Ministry of Finance. The Chairperson of the National Skill Development Corporation, a non- profit corporation to be set up by the Ministry of Finance would also be a  Member of the Council.