February 21, 2014
New Delhi

PM’s farewell speech to the 15th Lok Sabha

"Madam Speaker,

As we come to the end of the journey of the fifteenth Lok Sabha, I join all the members of this August House in paying tribute to the way you have conducted our proceedings.


In Parliamentary life, there are bound to be differences among parties, but there must also be ways and means of finding pathways to bring minimum amount of consistency and reconciliation, so that the ship of the Indian state can move forward. And we have seen that on certain crucial matters, this House has the capacity, the will to rise above partisan strife, and to find pathways of national reconciliation. The manner in which the way the state of Telangana is being born, is yet another indication that this country is capable of taking some of the most difficult decisions, without any rancour, without worrying too much about the pros and cons of things that do not matter, and we can take pride in the fact that Telangana state, whose quest for being born was pending for the last 60 years, has ultimately seen the light of day.

Food Security Bill is yet another landmark legislation. It will create a ray of hope among deprived sections of our community. It will provide a ray of hope to encourage our farmers to produce more. Sharad ji has described the manner in which the agricultural situation in our country has improved. And I compliment him on the manner in which he has guided the destiny of the Agriculture Ministry. Obviously, all members of the House have played a very important role in bringing that outcome about.


We are now entering a phase where the people of India will once again have an opportunity to assess, to pass their judgement on the performance of Government, weaknesses of our Government, achievements of the Government, and it is in that process that once again, a new sense of consensus will emerge which will carry our country to new pathways.

I thank all Honourable Members of the House. I thank the Leader of the Opposition. I thank Shinde ji, who as Leader of the House has performed his duties with superb aplomb, and I wish all members of this August House the best. Let us hope that out of this strife, out of this tension-filled atmosphere which prevailed some times, there will be birth of a new atmosphere of hope.

With these words, I conclude my remarks by once again complimenting you for the manner, the grace in which you have conducting our proceedings."

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