Press Releases

May 21, 2014
New Delhi

PMO statement on digital assets

Over the last two years, our engagement with general public has increased multi-fold due to social media outreach. Currently we have four internet based platforms:-

(i) Official website-

(ii) Twitter- @PMOlndiaArchive 

(iii) Facebook Page- and

(iv) Youtube Channel-

The twitter account @PMOIndia has been secured by Twitter and they are assisting in the handover of the same to this office to be available to the incoming PMO administration along with its followers. The existing material on Dr. Manmohan Singh will be separately available under a new account on Twitter.

All PMO internet based platforms and communications therein will continue to remain under the administrative control  and management of the PMO after the change–over of the Government.

The transfer of these digital assets to the incoming PMO administration has been arranged. The archiving process is underway so that all archived material can also be available to the public.

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