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PM National Relief Fund

In pursuance of an appeal by the then Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in January, 1948, the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) was established with public contributions to assist displaced persons from Pakistan. The resources of the PMNRF are now utilized primarily to render immediate relief to families of those killed in natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes, etc. and to the victims of the major accidents and riots. Assistance from PMNRF is also rendered for medical treatment like heart surgeries, kidney transplantation, cancer treatment, etc. The fund consists entirely of public contributions and does not get any budgetary support. The corpus of the fund is invested with banks in fixed deposits. Disbursements are made with the approval of the Prime Minister. Permanent Account Number of PMNRF is AACTP4637Q. Statement of Income and Expenditure for last seven years is given below:                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                              (Rs. in crore)  





Total Income (Fresh contributions, Interest Income, Refunds)        



Total Expenditure (Relief for Riots, Flood, Drought, Earthquakes, Cyclone, Tsunami, Medical etc.) 





2008-09 (A)












2009-10 (A)












2010-11 (A)












2011-12 (A)












2012-13 (A)












2013-14 (UA) 












(UA as of 16.05.2014) 











 A = Audited, UA = Unaudited

 (Updated as on 16.05.2014)

National Defence Fund

The National Defence Fund was set up to take charge of voluntary donations in cash and kind received for promotion of the national defence effort, and to decide on their utilisation. The Fund is used for the welfare of the members of the Armed Forces (including Para Military Forces) and their dependents. The Fund is administered by an Executive Committee, with PM as Chairperson, and Defence, Finance and Home Ministers as Members. Finance Minister is the Treasurer of the Fund and the Joint Secretary, PMO dealing with the subject is Secretary of the Executive Committee. Accounts of the Fund are kept with the Reserve Bank of India. The fund is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions from the public and does not get any budgetary support. The fund accepts online contributions. Such contributions can be made through the website i.e.,  and website of State Bank of India.  Collection account number is 11084239799 with State Bank of India, Institutional Division, 4th Floor, Parliament Street, New Delhi. 

The fund has also been allotted a Permanent Account Number (PAN) AAAGN0009F.

The Income and Expenditure Statement of the NDF for last five years is follows:-
                                                                                           (Rs. in crore)

























Schemes under the National Defence Fund

1. A scholarship scheme to encourage technical and post graduation education for the widows and wards of the deceased personnel of Armed Forces and Para Military Forces is being implemented. The scheme is being implemented by the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence in respect of armed forces. In so far as personnel of paramilitary forces and Railway Protection force are concerned, the scheme is being implemented by Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Railways respectively.

Salient Features of "PM’s Scholarship Scheme" being implemented out of National Defence Fund.
a. The scheme will apply to armed forces (including paramilitary forces). Monthly scholarships are awarded to wards of (a) Ex-service personnel (below officer rankonly), (b) their widows, (c) widows of personnel died in harness due to causes attributable to line of duty and (d) wards and widows of in service personnel of paramilitary forces and Railway Protection Force. Scholarships are available for education at technical institutions (medical, dental, veterinary, engineering, MBA, MCA, and other equivalent technical professions with suitable AICTE/UGC approval). For wards of widows and widows of personnel died in harness due to causes attributable as at (b) and (c) above, there are no rank restrictions. The scheme extends to the wards of all para-military forces also. Under the scheme 4000 new scholarships are given every year for wards of ex-servicemen of forces controlled by Ministry of Defence, 910 new scholarships for wards of forces controlled by Ministry of Home Affairs and 90 new scholarships for the wards of forces controlled by Ministry of Railways. Initially, the scholarship rate was Rs. 1250 per month for boys and Rs. 1500 per month for girls. The annual scholarships rates have been revised to Rs. 2000 per month for boys and Rs. 2250 per month for girls.

2. The Prime Minister during his visit to the Siachen Base Camp had announced the installation of a CT Scan Machine in the hospital at Siachen for providing medical attention to jawans, and two large home theatres for their entertainment, at a cost of Rs. 6 crore. Fund for the home theaters was given from National Defence Fund. CT scan machines was installed by Ministry of Defence from its own resources.

3. The Prime Minister during his programme on board INS Viraat had announced upgradation of medical and fitness facilities on the aircraft carrier. On the basis of recommendation of Ministry of Defence, Rs. 35.15 lakh was released from NDF.

4. The Prime Minister had sanctioned a grant of Rs. 7.53 crore from NDF for upgradation of three institutions i.e. Queen Mary's Technical Institute, Kirkee, Pune, and Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Mohali engaged in the rehabilitation of disabled soldiers.

5. Prime Minister had sanctioned one time grant of Rs 1.44 crore from NDF for the construction of Community Hall- cum – Museum and Library at Kuki Inn Complex, Imphal.

6. Prime Minister during his visit to Arunachal Pradesh had announced a grant of Rs. 90 lakh from NDF for Improvement of transit facilities in 2 Division Area (to include kitchen equipment and living accommodation) in Dehan, Senge, Likabali and Missamari and improvement of Communication facilities in RALP (Rest of Aruncahal Pradesh) Area (Purchase of Secure Satellite Communication in Subansiri Valley, Siang Valley, Seam Valley, Lohit Valley and Debang Valley.

7. Prime Minister had sanctioned an amount of Rs. 20 crore from NDF to the National Security Guard Central Welfare Fund to augment the corpus and for use to carry out welfare activities, and also meet any expenditure on ex-gratia grants.

8. Annual grant of Rs. 15 lakh from NDF is being released to the SPG Family Welfare Fund to undertake various welfare activities for the benefit of its personnel and their families.

(Updated as on 31.01.2014)