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September 3, 2013
New Delhi

PM's statement in the Lok Sabha on the files/papers yet to be supplied to CBI

Hon’ble Madam Speaker,

With regard to the so-called missing files or papers pertaining to the ongoing investigation into allocation of coal blocks, I would like to emphasize that the Government is making all efforts to locate the papers requisitioned by the CBI and, at this stage, it would be premature to say that some papers are indeed missing. A vast majority of the papers sought by the CBI have already been handed over to them. However, disregarding the factual position, some members have gone ahead and drawn their own conclusions that there is something fishy and the government is hiding something.

Hon’ble Madam Speaker,

2. Let me assure this august House that the government has nothing to hide. The fact that more than 150,000 pages of documentation have already been handed over to the CBI clearly shows that our intention to facilitate the process of investigation cannot be called into question. Right from the days the CAG began its exercise of performance audit, the government has always provided its fullest cooperation to the CAG and later to the CBI. We will continue to do so. If the records in question are indeed found missing, the government will carry out a thorough investigation and ensure that the guilty are brought to book.

Hon’ble Madam Speaker,

3. The matter of allocation of coal blocks is sub-judice; the apex court of the country is looking into all aspects of these allocations. Moreover, the ongoing investigation by the CBI is being closely monitored by the apex court. In its order dated 29 August 2013 the court has directed that within five days the CBI shall provide a comprehensive list of documents and records which remain outstanding and, thereafter within two weeks the government will hand over the available papers to the CBI. The government shall follow these directions in letter and spirit and shall do its best to locate and hand over the requisite papers to the CBI within the timeframe stipulated by the apex court. If the government is unable to locate some of these papers within the stipulated time, then as directed by the court a report will be filed with the CBI for appropriate inquiry/ investigation.

4. In such a situation, I urge the honorable members of this august body not to draw hasty conclusions and let the House continue with its normal business.