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Rehabilitation projects being implemented out of Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund in Tsunami affected States/UTs

A range of schemes covering ex-gratia relief, scholarship to children, psycho-social support measures, capital relief to fishermen, and universal health insurance were launched for Tsunami affected states of Kerela, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, and the Union territories of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Pondicherry, after detailed consultations with the State Govts. and major NGOs active in these states. This is the largest ever relief initiative undertaken through the PMNRF. All the rehabilitation schemes have been accomplished.  Only the Prime Minister’s Tsunami Scholarship Scheme is functional and would continue upto Academic year 2015-2016. Relevant details are as under:-

Name of scheme

Premise of the scheme

Amount released  (Rupees in crore)


Ex-gratia to next of kin of deceased/missing.

Rs.1 lakh each was provided to next of kin of 10637 persons deceased/missing.



Prime Minister’s Child Assistance Scheme


Fixed deposits with the monthly income option were opened in the name of each child for an amount of Rs. 51,000/-.



Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Tsunami Affected Children

Monthly scholarship @ Rs.300/- per month is being given to eligible children from Class I to X.


Scheme is functional and would close after Academic Year 2015-2016.

Pyscho-Social Support


The scheme included support for social infrastructure and social development in the areas affected by tsunami.



Universal Health Insurance Scheme


Scheme provided health cover for tsunami affected families, for a period of three years. The scheme covered five family members, including self, spouse, and three dependent children. The scheme was implemented by the state governments along with the United India Insurance Company.



Support to Fishermen and Loanees affected by the Tsunami


The scheme included assistance to state government agencies to enable the waiver of principal and interest of loanees who lost their lives in the tsunami and rescheduling of overdue/penal interest for tsunami affected fishermen.